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Welcome! If you've arrived here you're (presumably!) looking to join Eve University, New Eden's oldest and best known educational institution. We receive around 80-100 applications per day and our Recruitment Officers do their work unpaid out of goodwill, so we ask that you make their job easier and don't waste their time, by following all of the steps below. Particularly note the further information linked in Step 8 for when Eve University is at war, which can be quite often.

The process can take several days to complete, so whilst waiting feel free to make use of this wiki to learn more about the game. Also, try to complete the tutorial and career agent mission chains. They will provide you with ISK, ships, skillbooks and an all-important taste of the various aspects of Eve life. Completing these chains will have a positive impact on your application!

Step 1 - Check your standings

Eve University has jump clones provided by the corporations Khanid Innovation and Wirkomi Peace Corps. In order to maintain our high reputation with these corps, and thus continue to use their services, new applicants must not have standings with them. To check this:

  • Open your character sheet and go to the standings tab
  • Check the liked by and disliked by tabs – Ensure that "Khanid Innovation" and "Wiyrkomi Peace Corps" is not present on either list. (Not to be confused with Wiyrkomi!)
  • If they are on the list you have two options:
    • 1. Grind standing to at least 8.0 by doing missions for the corporation – a very tedious and lengthy process.
    • 2. Apply with a different character who does not have standings with these corporations.

Step 2 - Submit your application

To submit an application you simply need to "show info" on the corporation. To do this you must:

  • Open the "People & Places" window using the neocom button on the right-hand side of your screen and use the drop-down list at the top of the window to change your search parameters to "Corporation", then type "Eve University" into the search box and click on "Search".

  • In the new window, right click on the top entry for "Eve University" (ignore the rest) and select "Show Info".

  • You should now have a window open that displays information about Eve University. At the bottom of the window, you'll spot a button titled "Apply to join" - click on that button.

  • In the new window, type a short introduction about yourself, or why you'd like to join Eve University. Click "OK".

You have now applied to Eve University. You should receive an evemail reply within 48hrs - if you haven't received a response within 72hrs please contact an RO either directly of via evemail informing them of the issue.

Step 3 - CSPA change

The Concord Spam Protection Act (CSPA) is a scheme aimed at preventing spam by charging players and organisations ISK in order to contact each other. To avoid this charge, you must place Eve University in your address book as a "contact" - failure to do so can result in your application being put on hold (as we cannot contact you without paying ISK). To add the Uni to your contact list:

  • Open the "People & Places" window and use the drop-down list at the top of the window to change your search parameters to "Corporation", then type "Eve University" into the search box and click on "Search".

  • In the new window, right click on the top entry for "Eve University" (ignore the rest) and select "Add to Contacts".

  • In the next new window, click on the deep blue square on the far right marked "Excellent Standing" then click on "Add Contact".

  • You should now see Eve University in your Contacts list.

Step 4 - Read up a little

While you wait for the evemail, read our Code of Conduct and our policies, which you can find here: Ivy League Alliance Policies.

You will be asked about our Code and policies in your interview with a Recruitment Officer, so please familiarise yourself with them -- they are important. You will be required to follow them during your time within Eve University, so please make sure you know them.

Don't forget that even if you aren't a member of Eve University, you can still access all the content on the wiki here, even without a forum account or logging in! If you haven't read it already, Getting Started In Eve Online is a great place to start! Otherwise, simply use the "Search" feature to find articles of interest to you.

Step 5 - Do you require a Senior Recruiting officer?

Some applicants require additional security checks. If you:

  • Have been a member of a corporation that is involved in piracy, griefing, or has bad standings with Eve University.
  • Have or have had a negative security status.
  • Have an alt that fits either of the above conditions.

Then you must speak to a Senior Recruitment Officer.

Please note that as a general rule, people with a negative security status will be rejected. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, however it is recommended that you get rid of any negative security status before you try to join the Uni.

Step 6 - Your API Key

For security purposes, the recruitment officer you speak to will ask you to provide them with your UserID and "Limited API Key".

This key allows us to see basic information about your characters, such as the number of skillpoints for each of them, what skills you have and your wallet balance. API codes do not give us any sort of control over you accounts and you are perfectly safe. Once received, your API Key is then entered into an internally developed program by the RO, which provides basic details about you and your alts.

Use of API Keys is common practice for larger groups as corporate espionage is commonplace in New Eden. In other corporations details will typically be kept on file and access and membership will be revoked if the key is changed, however in the case of Eve University, you are free to create a new key at any time after you have been accepted, and our ROs do not keep records of your API code.

These items can be found here:, and the page also contains further information, from CCP themselves, on how API codes are safe.

Note: When you convert or activate a trial account to a paid subscription, access to your API key will put on a 3-day lockout by CCP. If you are unable to access or provide the Eve University RO with your User ID and limited API key, we will not be able to complete the application until you are able do so resulting in unnecessary delays. We strongly recommend that you retrieve your User ID and limited API key before you convert from a trial a paid subscription.

Step 7 - Join our Public Channel

Our public Channel, "E-UNI", is always available to all those who are not hostile toward us. Apart from being an area for general chat and new players to ask questions, it is also the location where new messages are posted regarding any public events in Eve University, and applicants usually request to speak to a Recruitment Officer.

To join the channel, open the Channels & Mailing Lists window using the small chat bubble icon in the top-right of your chat window.

In the new window type “E-UNI” into the text box and click on "Join". You should now have access to our public channel! Be sure to read the message of the day which appears when you first join.

Step 8 - Check for a War

From time to time, groups declare war on Eve University. Typically, they either see us as an easy target (which is of course not the case), or feel the need to test themselves.

During these times, recruitment procedures are modified slightly to prevent new members from becoming easy prey to the hostiles, and we use a secured chat channel where ex-, current and prospective members of Eve University can share knowledge and work together while they wait for the war to end.

In addition to this, members can also sign up for our forums and be provided access to many of the teaching resources, or even join Eve University fully if they feel they are ready for PvP.

If there is a war, the message of the day on our public channel will state as such, and you will need to read this further information.

Step 9 - Application interview

Once you have recieved the evemail, read it carefully. Only when you have received this evemail and meet the requirements it details, are you allowed to begin seeking out one of our Recruitment Officers.

To begin your interview, you must join our automated queue system. Any active ROs will work their way through that queue. Links to the queue can be found in the channel message of the day in our public channel, "E-UNI". Please keep in mind that ROs are volunteers, giving up their own free time to help the University. They also play the game and pay for the privilege just like you, so please be patient.

To join the queue, click on this link using the in-game browser: Queue Here. Follow the instructions on the page and wait for an RO to call your name in the public "E-UNI" channel. If you miss your call, you will be removed from the queue. Please re-queue again when you can pay attention to the E-UNI channel.

You will likely be waiting 7-10 days for an interview, depending on how busy things are. Please be prepared for this, and ensure you have things to do during this time. Working through the tutorials and career chains and missions in the first Epic Arc while you wait is a good idea, and people in the "E-UNI" channel can often give you advice if you are having problems with the missions. There is no excuse to have nothing to do while you wait - just keep busy and your turn will come around in time. There is plenty of material to read on our wiki (thats here, where you're reading this), and also the Eve University Class Library so you can begin learning even before you join.

There is no set interview length, but please ensure you will be available for up to an hour if needed, and possibly a little longer. This time is used to find out a bit about what you are aiming for in-game, to offer you some advice, and to ensure you have been made properly aware of uni rules and facilities, and will not feel completely lost once you become a member.

Our queue system is specifically designed to order applicants by the date and time they first joined the queue. Essentially this means the queue operates on a first come, first serve basis and you may find your position affected should someone who originally joined the queue before you log in. On the plus side, this means you're under no obligation to wait in the queue for long periods of time, as your first join date/time will be stored and will place you appropriately within the queue whenever you log in.

Please leave the queue whenever you are not at your keyboard and actively engaged in playing the game. There is no benefit to artificially inflating the queue line by being logged into it whilst not available for an interview, and should you be called for your interview when you are not present, you may be penalised (this can mean anything from simple removal from the queue, to a reset of your join date/time or complete rejection of your application in the case of repeat offenders).

NOTE: The automated queue system will only work via the in-game browser, so please ensure you are in-game when you try to join the queue and keep the window open - it will automatically remove you from the queue if you close it.

While You Wait...


While most answers can be found on this wiki, the following is a list of commonly asked questions.

-Q: Why do I keep moving back in the queue?
-A: The queue remembers when everyone first joined, even through server downtime.
    You get pushed back when someone who originally joined the queue before you rejoins the queue. 
-Q: How long does it take to get an interview after I've joined the queue?
-A: Currently it's approximately 7 to 10 days.
-Q: How long is the interview? 
-A: The interview could take up to an hour, if needed, and possibly a little longer.

List of Recruitment Officers

A list of active recruitment officers is available on this page.

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